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what is paradise | Paradise definition

what is paradise | Paradise definition

Paradise is a place which Allah has made for the believers, and in it. He has provided them with blessings which neither the eyes nor the ears have heard, nor has any thought reached the heart of man. The examples that have appeared in the Quran and the hadiths are for explanation.

After the reckoning, the believers will go to Paradise. On the way, the spring of Rizwan will come. All the believers will bathe in it. Their faces will shine like the moon on the fourteenth night and their bodies will be clean.

Their beauty will be boundless.Women will be so beautiful that even maidens will be jealous of their beauty. All nations will line up.Each group will receive a high mark. The sign of Muhammad Ali Sahib will be the most favorite. One hundred thousand angels will come to greet him with luminous perfume. There will be a crown on each saffron.

First, the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will go to Paradise, then the rest of the groups will go back and forth.

The angels will present the luminous, fragrant tray to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and then to the Prophets and to the people. The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will be at the forefront and seventy thousand angels will accompany him along with Jibreel (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Seventy thousand cunning and brilliant and beautiful ornaments will shine.

The angels of light will walk, holding the orchards. There will be a roar of joy among all the angels. Weddings will ring everywhere in heaven.

The gates of heaven will be opened

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will be the first to step forward, and the believers will enter behind him, reciting the praises of Allaah.

There are eight levels of paradise

Darul Khalid, this is for the common people.

Dar es Salaam, the place of the poor and the patient.

Darul MAQAM, the place of rich, grateful people.

Aden, it is for worshipers, ascetics, conquerors, sakhis and imams.

Darul Qarar, Hafiz and Alam will remain in it.

Paradise, it is for honey and muezzins

Paradise Al-Mawi, which is the place of the martyrs of Akbar Mohsin and saints

Paradise, the place of prophets, messengers and scholars

There is a light booth above Firdous Barin. This place is for the servant of Hazrat Khatam-ul-Anbiya. Peace be upon him.

The position of Mahmood and the special status of the means of Paradise will be given to the Holy Prophet (SAW).

These eight paradises also have innumerable levels

If the gold and silver of the world are made eight sins, then even a lowly paradise will get more blessings than that.

The lowest house of the believer will have one brick of gold and one of silver, and the mud of saffron and musk.It will be plastered with musk and amber, and it will be filthy with red and gems. There will be seventy thousand halls in this house.

Each of which will be empty at a distance of five hundred miles and will have a variety of seats, In which there will be countless maidens and singers,It will have all kinds of flowers and lawns. The fruits of Paradise will be very delicious. If even a small piece of them is put in the mouth of a dead person, he will come to life immediately and those fruits will always be in the same condition.

 There will be four streams in heaven:

There are streams of water whose water does not change with prolonged stay, but remains the same real taste. Streams of milk, whose taste does not deteriorate with prolonged stay, Streams of wine that taste very good. Streams of pure and pure honey, there is nothing in this sweet world like honey and milk, and there is no example of water and wine in the world, and there is no wine that has a bad smell, bitterness and intoxication and The intellect is gone and they go out of their minds and sell it in vain. Rather, that wine is free from all these defects.The golden throne for every paradise will be with great adornment, there will be guilt and guilt everywhere, slaves will be in front, there will be greedy creatures whose beauty has no limit, the virtues of food and clothing of paradise. They are beyond description and beyond imagination. Eating, drinking, rest, happiness, intercourse, pleasure, etc., will be enjoyed by the people of Paradise. And they will be harmless, the fruit will look the same, but the taste will be different.

Who's not in Paradise:

There will be no impurity, dirt, faeces, urine, saliva, feces, earwax, body odor, but no matter how much you eat, there will be a fragrant, refreshing belch or fragrant, refreshing sweat and food will be digested. All burdens and burdens will be removed, Tasbeeh and Takbeer will be uttered with the tongue at all times with the intention and without the intention like a breath.The two maidens at the head of each paradise and the pinnacle will sing in a very good voice, but their song will not be this satanic melody but the praise and glorification of Allah Jal Shanah. If the garment of heaven is worn in the world, then whoever sees it will faint. The eyes of the people cannot bear it.

There will be a bazaar in Paradise called Suq al-Jannat:

All kinds of blessings will be brought to this bazaar, including rubies, emeralds, pearls, red, emeralds and other kinds of jewels for the people of Paradise and luminous chairs and pulpits of gold and silver, which are for the believers only. They will be present and, according to their deeds, they will be given to each one of the people of Paradise. The lowest of the people of Paradise will sit on the mound of musk and camphor. Everyone will be sitting on the server,They will be pleased with the sight of Allah and recite the praises of Allah, forget all the blessings of Paradise and then come to their senses. The sight of Allah will be as clear as the sun and the moon on the fourteenth night. He sees from his place, and the sight of one does not prevent the sight of the other.

Those who have never found it, then Allah will say to you, "Take from this bazaar whatever you desire, and take from every kind of silk garment, and from the most abundant pearls, etc. The angels who are surrounding this bazaar will deliver these gifts to the houses of the people of Paradise. The people of Paradise will meet in this bazaar and then they will return to their homes from there. Their wives will receive and congratulate them. Ordinary believers will see God every Friday, and special believers will receive this blessing twice a day at the time of Fajr and Asr, and special believers will receive this blessing at all times, and from the sight of God in Paradise. There will be no greater blessing - the men and women of Paradise will be very beautiful,All will be beardless, there will be no hair on the body except the hair of the head and the eyelids and eyebrows, the eyes of all will be natural, men and women, no matter what age they have passed the world, there will be all young and They will always be young, there will be no differences and enmity, they will greet each other, no obscenity and sin will be heard there, whoever enters Paradise once will not be expelled from it, Rather, it will remain there till Abdalabad. There is neither death nor sleep in Paradise, so that the blessings of Paradise are innumerable. The Quran and Hadiths describe them in detail.



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