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Statement of Hell | Hell Definition

Statement of Hell | Hell Definition 

There are seven classes of hell


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There are more or less different torment in these seven classes.

If a fire equal to a poppy is brought from hell, it will destroy the whole earth and sky in a short time.

The fire of the world is its seventeenth component (1/70), man and stones are its fuel. If any keeper of hell appears to the people of the world, then all the inhabitants of the earth will die in awe of it.

Even a part of the clothes of the inmates of Hell will be so smelly and dirty that even if all creatures die, their stench will not reach its stench and filth. Seeks refuge from.

The lowest torment of Hell will be that the shoes of Hell which will be put on the Hellfire will make his mind boil like a pot. He will understand that the greatest torment is being inflicted on him. There will be various torments in Hell. The house of fire, the floor of the fire, the food of Zaqoom (tohar), the drink of pus, the boiling water, the clothes of sulfur to be worn, the warm shackles and chains around the neck, the infidels being run over their heads, the big thorns Killing with heavy thunderstorms, scorpions the size of a large camel's neck and very large snakes that if one bites, its inflammation, pain and restlessness will last for a thousand years, etc.

The faces of the inmates of Hell will be black and ugly, the body will be enlarged, it will be equal to three days journey of a fast rider from one shoulder to the other and one tooth will be equal to one mountain, the form of infidels is very disgusting. And it will be inhuman. The divine torment will be severe for them at every moment. They will ask for death, but death will not come to them. They will be trapped in the torment of Hell forever. The blessings and intercession of Allah will save us (SAW).

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