Statement of Faith | Believing in the Hereafter

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Statement of Faith | Believing in the Hereafter

Statement of Faith | Believing in the Hereafter

Believing in the Hereafter Believing in the Last Day means that the Day of Judgment and its hardships are the truth.

 The answer to the question of the denier in the grave and all the disbelievers and some sinful believers have the right to be tormented in the grave.

  The torment of the grave

 Every living being has to taste death and after death every human being will be rewarded or punished for his deeds. There are two levels of this. From the time of one's death until the Day of Judgment it is called the world of Barzakh. And the second level is from the Day of Judgment to Karbadalabad.

 There will be full reward and punishment. All disbelievers and some sinful believers are tormented in the grave.

Some sinful believers are also spared the torment of the grave or they are saved by receiving torment according to their sin.

Righteous believers, men and women, live in luxury in the grave.

Giving alms to the heirs and other Muslims, reciting the Holy Quran and Nawafil, etc., and delivering its reward and supplication also reduces the torment of the deceased in the grave, but no charity or supplication, etc.  Let him do it.

 Similarly, if a disbeliever prays for a dead person or gives alms, it will not benefit him at all. There is no restriction in Shari'ah on any particular thing or any particular time or special method for recognizing the reward.

 Such a ban should be avoided, but whatever is available should be rewarded by paying the financial or physical reward.

 It is a sin not to perform the act of reward for the sake of ritual observance, ostentation and fame, and it is also a sin to observe the ritual by borrowing and borrowing unnecessarily.  There is no harm if it is not considered obligatory by the Shari'ah, but nowadays it is necessary to avoid the fear of formal banning of the ignorant, otherwise they will make an argument.



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