Ramadan Mubark's have 30 special Instructions
Ramadan Mubark's have 30 special Instructions

Ramadan Mubark's have 30 special Instructions 

There are  30 important instructions for welcoming Ramadan. Scholars have outlined many important guidelines and suggestions for the reception and preparation of Ramadan, which are summarized in the form of 30 key guidelines.

 01.  Arrange for the fulfillment of duties and obligations and for repentance and asking for forgiveness.

 02.  Learn and teach the problems of Ramadan.

 03.  Bind your soul to piety from now on. ﷲ The Lord of Glory has stated that the main purpose of fasting in Ramadan is to attain piety and piety.

 04.  Hurry up for a merciful reward, prayers are not accepted because of mercy.

 05.  Purify your hearts from the fire of hatred, vengeance and jealousy. The Almighty does not forgive those who have hatred and malice in their hearts.

 06.  If you have missed the fasts of previous years with any excuse, make them up before Ramadan comes.

 07.  Ramadan is the month of accepting prayers, so make yourself accustomed to long prayers from now on.

 08.  Make it a habit to give alms and charity, after death the believer will wish to give alms when he comes back to life.

 09.  Make it a habit to recite frequently.

 10  In Ramadan, perform night worships, Taraweeh, Tahajjud, recitation of zikr and zikr, etc. with restraint.

 11.  Avoid the internet and social media as well as sports that are wasting precious time.

 12  TV is a collection of superstitions, so try to get rid of it before the arrival of Ramadan.

 13  Ramadan is a month of worship, not shopping and shopping, so complete Eid shopping in Sha'ban before the arrival of Ramadan and explain this to your family.

 14.  Keep the workload light for Ramadan.

 15  Set your schedule before Ramadan, in which you should get up in the morning and have a suitable time for tahajjud, zikr, duaa, sehri, fajr and recitation, taraweeh and other routines, and make full arrangements for sleep and rest.  Go.

 16.  The servants should lighten the workload on the younger ones and the employees, that this is the Sunnah of the Prophet.

 17.  Arrange for Umrah.

 18.  Spend as much time in the mosque as possible.

 19  Get in the habit of losing sleep.

 20  Pray with Takbir Awli for forty days.

 21.  Get rid of this addictive habit by avoiding the use of cigarettes, snuff, betel and other intoxicants.

 22.  Limit the series of appointments.

 23.  Memorize short suras orally.

 24.  Get children into the habit of fasting.

 25  Get in the habit of eating less.

 26.  Distinguish this Ramadan from the past, for example memorize the thirtieth paragraph orally or recite Surah Ar-Rahman or Surah Yaseen, Surah Al-Mulk, Surah Al-Alam Sajdah orally or find an orphan and arrange for his sustenance or imprisonment  Arrange for education and training of people or if there is a dire need for water, install tube wells, wells or cold water plants or cooperate sincerely with mosques and madrassas or arrange fees and uniforms etc. for deserving students or any  Arrange for the poor girl's vacation expenses and so on.

 27.  Remember the dates of the month of Sha'ban and Ramadan. The Holy Prophet (sws) used to take great care to remember the dates of Sha'ban.

 28.  Learn about financial rights issues and manage payments.

 29  Get into the habit of going to bed early at night, gradually getting rid of frivolous gatherings of friends, gossip parties, and activities that take place late into the night.

 30  In addition to following the above instructions and suggestions regarding the preparation of Ramadan, ask for special prayers from God Almighty for the spirituality and blessings of Ramadan, especially arrange this prayer.

 May God bless you in Rajab, Sha'ban and Ramadan.

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