Ramadan month and 8 big thieves

Ramadan month and 7 big thieves

Ramadan month and 7 big thieves

 1. Television:

This is a very dangerous thief. It will steal your time and keep you engrossed in nonsense like nonsense dramas and Ramadan transmissions during the month of Ramadan and deprive you of worship.

2.  Bazaar: 

This thief is a big scoundrel. He will take away both your time and money. In Ramadan Muslims spend a lot of time buying many things for Ramadan Iftari ,Sehri and other activities.

3. Kitchen:

This thief targets women and deprives them of recitation of Quran and dhikr dhikr by putting them behind various dishes and recipes in Ramadan.

 4. Preparation of Sehri:

This is apparently an 'old thief' but it will take away all the opportunities of Tahajjud, Nawafil and Dua from you by making you prepare for Sehri from midnight.

5. Facebook: 

This thief is a big professional, it happens to you all the time, it will not only take away your time from you, but will also leave you by committing backbiting, slander, gossip.

 6. Ludo Game:

This thief is found in most of the rural areas during the month of Ramadan where youngsters are usually free. It entangles them in ludo game during Ramadan.

 7. Sleep:

This thief is not seemingly harmful to look at, but he is very clever. He will slap you in the month of   Ramadan and make you sleep most of the day and you will be deprived of worship and happiness.

8. Social Media:

In Ramadan may Muslims spend their time in social media for entertainment and other actives. Ramadan is coming. All Muslim brothers and sisters should beware of the above mentioned thieves.