April Fool's facts in Islamic Teachings

April Fool's facts in Islamic Teachings
April Fool's facts in Islamic Teachings

The name of God the Merciful

What is April Fool's? How to celebrate

One of the evils found in the April Fool's Day society.

 "April fool"

 There is also. Which is celebrated on April 1 as a ritual,

  Ignorant people are happy on this day by spreading disturbing false news, deceiving in various ways and making their own Islamic brothers fools (fools), for example, someone is told that Your young son is seriously injured due to an accident in some place and he has been taken to such and such hospital Some relative of yours has died. Your shop has caught fire. Your shop has been stolen. Your plot has been seized. Your car has been stolen. Your son has been kidnapped for ransom Etc. Then, when the truth is revealed, it is ridiculed by saying "April Fool".

 The one who cleverly and cunningly fools others thinks he is just as wise, but this "fool" does not realize how much he has "forgotten". Celebrate the "April Fool". Who are the people following, knowingly or unknowingly?

How did April Fools start ?

 Various reasons are given for the beginning of April Fool's Day, one of which is when Christian forces conquered Spain several hundred years ago. So much blood was shed by the Muslims on Spanish soil at that time that the horses of the victorious army passed through the streets. So their legs were drenched in the blood of Muslims. When the occupying forces became convinced that no Muslim survived in Spain. So they gave the arrested Muslim ruler the opportunity to return to Morocco with his family. Where his ancestors came from, Occupying forces left him on a hill about twenty kilometers from Granada and retreated.

 When the Christian forces drove the Muslim rulers out of their country, government spies roamed the streets to see if any Muslims were to be martyred. The surviving Muslims left their areas and moved to other areas. And hid their identities, now apparently no Muslims were seen in Spain, but Christians still believed that not all Muslims were killed, some are alive in secret and hiding their identities. Now the tricks to get Muslims out are being devised and Then a plan was made. It was announced throughout the country that all Muslims should gather in Granada on April 1. So that they can go to any country. Now that peace had been established in the country, the Muslims had no fear of appearing on their own, with announcements being made throughout the month of March. April Fools and Lies: 

 April Fool's Day can also be called "World Lie Day" and while lying is a sin. April Fools also express happiness over the troubles of others, they should be afraid that they may also suffer from this condition, the Arabic saying is: Who laughed laughed. That is, he who laughs at someone will also be laughed at.Wrong news killed.

The legal status of April Fool

 To deceive The fourth sin in the April Fool's ritual is macro-fraud; However, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has sternly warned against this sin. It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Whoever deceives us (Muslims) has nothing to do with us. It is narrated on the authority of Anas bin Malik that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Translation: Believers are kind and loving to each other even though their houses and bodies are far from each other and disobedient people are cheaters and traitors to each other, if their house and body are close. Be close.

 This means that cheating with one another is the act of those who rebel against Allah and disobedient, while the act of the believers is to do good to one another. Therefore, no believer should deal with the deception of others. An instructive event,

  Abdul Hameed bin Mahmood Mawli says that I was present at the meeting of Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas, some people came to your service and said that we left with the intention of Hajj when we went to Zat al-Safaah (name of a place). When we arrived, one of our companions died, we buried him, then we intended to dig the grave, when we dug the grave, we saw that a big black snake surrounded the whole grave, then we When he dug another grave, the same snake was there. Now we have left the corpse and come to your service. What should we do in such a situation? Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: This snake is his evil deed to which he was accustomed. Go and bury him in the same grave. By Allah, if you dig the whole earth for him, then that snake will still Will be found in the grave of However, he was buried in the same way. On his return from the trip, people asked his wife about her actions, and she said that it was her custom to be a grain merchant and to take out the household expenses from the sack and add the same amount of straw to it. (As if he was deceitfully selling straw at the price of real grain). (Explanation of Al-Sadr for Suyuti, p.5). April fool is very bad and wrong day, Muslims should not celebrate April fool's day.

In the result we found that"April Fool's day have bad Impressions on life"

In The Last of this post I pray to Allah that: Allah save us from this bad habit and April fool's day rituals.