Islamic Teachings About Tiktok App
Islamic Teachings About Tiktok App

Islamic Teachings About Tiktok App

The Shari'ah ruling on making and sharing videos on the Tiktok app and making money on it

Tiktok Advantages and Disadvantages 

The information that has become available about Tiktok shows that Tiktok is one of the most dangerous temptations of the growing social media these days, using this app from a Shariah point of view.  Absolutely haraam and illegitimate.

What's purpose of Tiktok app

Disadvantages of Tiktok app

It makes pictures and videos of living beings for unnecessary fun, which is not legal.

In Tiktok women make and spread very nonsensical videos

The sin of looking at non-mahrams (women)

The common use of music and song is very common in Tiktok app

Men and women make videos of dance songs in Tiktok 

Boys and girls imitate movie actors and singers Tiktok 

It is a means of spreading obscenity and nudity Tiktok 

Waste of time in Tiktok app

It contains humorous videos of scholars and religion.  Rather, everything is ridiculed. Young and old alike do all sorts of things in the cycle of making money that no serious person would like to see. These are all illegal matters. And other than that, there is no good in it. Therefore, it is not permissible to use this application for any purpose, and it is also illegal and haraam to make money through this app.

Muslims use such clever tactics to spread obscenity, nudity, vulgarity, and alienation from their religion. Muslims should understand these tribulations, and boycott this application altogether. Also, video sharing should be avoided altogether. According to some reports, serious people in different countries have also demanded a ban on it. Their demand is justified. The people of all Muslim countries should also demand it.  It should be boycotted at the government level to prevent this from happening.

Why we use of Tiktok app?

Why we like Tiktok videos?

Riyadh Al-Salihin (2/228)

Chapter “Prohibition of looking at a non-mahram woman and a good affair without a legitimate need."

God Almighty said: Say to the believing men to lower their gaze} [Nur: 30], and the Almighty said: The hearing and sight and heart all of those responsible for [Isra: 36], and the Almighty said: {knows traitorous eyes and breasts conceal} [Ghafir  : 19], and the Most High said: {Your Lord is unto the lookout} [Al-Fajr: 14].

Narrated from Abu Hurayrah - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: ((wrote the son of Adam, his share of adultery aware that inevitably: eyes adultery look, ears adultery listen, tongue zina speech and hand her fornication oppression  And the man commits adultery, and the heart falls and wishes, and that vagina is validated or denied)).  agreed.  This is a Muslim pronouncement. "

Al-Durr Al-Mukhtar, explanation of enlightenment of eyes in the jurisprudence of Imam Abu Hanifa - (6/369)

In Al-Sharnbalali comforter for Al-Jawhara: A foreign woman only talks to an old woman who sneezed or gave up and smelled her.

Amr bin Ali told us, Safwan bin Issa told us, Hamid al-Kharrat, on the authority of Ammar, on the authority of Saeed bin Jubayr, on the authority of Abu al-Sahbaa: He asked Ibn Masoud about God’s saying: “From people who buy for the hadith, he said: singing

 Just.  And God knows what is right.