Bismillah, I am Major Syed Kamran Haider, and my channel is Mirpur Visa Consultant. In this Article today I will tell you about Canadian Immigration A lot of people ask me how many program are there for Canada immigration Who can apply You describe about it generally so that most of people get to aware of it and understand it There are more than 70 programs for Canadian immigration it includes people who have skilled education and 

who are highly educated Who have intermediate college education and vocational diploma There are investment programs too Like express entry Then there is provincial nominee program Then Atlantic immigration program There are several programs like this that are running in Canada Age ranges from 18 to 47 If your spouse is educated then her education matters If she has job experience, has done IELTS, this matters If you have good grades, 

then you can go a good program And its processing time will be less than 0thers But if you have  minimum of 5 bands in  IELTS you are eligible to apply Its not that only people with higher bands of IELTS can use like 7 or 8 bands, 5 bands holder can also apply. Overall 5, overall 5.5 can again go As I told you its skilled program Should be highly skilled It has to what education you have meant hon's masters. 

1560 hours or three years of experience He/she should have funds available to survive initially in Canada Should have a minimum education of intermediate Just like that there are investor programs They are of various types. You should have a minimum of two hundred thousand Canadian dollars In your account. You should have sponsorship from the investment group. There is this Exploratory visa, upon which you travel to Canada. The group which has sponsored you, you go to meet them and discuss your investment. And 

after finalizing your investment deal with the investment group, you return your fund to Canada and shift your family to Canada. You should have around about 30 to 40 thousand dollars other than your investment. These are all the main things. If you look at it, then an educated person or someone who has good money can easily apply. 

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