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 Modern problems and their Islamic solutions

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The Shari'ah ruling on transferring money through easy money and deducting money

 ایزی پیسہ کے ذریعے رقم بھجوانے کا شرعی حکم 

 Issue No. 06:

 The Shari'ah ruling on transferring money through easy money and deducting money

 Easy Money is a service provided by the company to its customers. Under which the user (any person) can transfer his money from one place to another. When money is sent through EasyPay, the company deducts some money from the customers in return for providing this facility. It is Shariah-compliant for the company to deduct this amount and for the customers to pay this amount. It does not include interest.

 Because the company has set this wage (amount) separately. However, the customer should be informed about the amount before transfer so as not to cause any dispute.

 * From a jurisprudential point of view, it is a matter of debt and lease between the consumer and the company. The user pays the company (this is a loan) and leases the services of the company that the company will transfer the money to another place and the company charges the user for providing this service and the rule is that If the repayment is required at a place other than the place of the loan, the cost of remittance may be borne by the creditor (ie the lender).

  Both cases (debt and lease) can be taken from the lender.

 Therefore, the amount paid on remittance is not interest but the company's wages.

 references :

 And if the lease is paid for the work of tailoring and sewing, then the rent should not be paid by the renter of the work. (Explanation of the magazine for Salim Rustam Baz, Book of Leases, Chapter III, p. 265)

 (First of all, there is no one to work for) and tailoring and grammar (or work is practically non-temporary). (Al-Dar Al-Mukhtar, Book of Leases, Chapter of Guarantee of Rent, 9/94)