Ghusl Steps for Ladies
ghusl steps for ladies

 Ghusal Steps for Ladies 

Ghusl steps for ladies after menstruation
Ghusl janabat for female
How to perform ghusl janabat

Ghusl Steps for Ladies

 Ghusl steps for ladies 

How to perform Ghusl 
What is Method of Ghusl for ladies 
What is Sunat Method of Ghusl 

 What should a woman take care of in the bath?
 Question: What should a woman pay special attention to in the obligatory ghusl?
 Answer: In the obligatory ghusl, a woman should take special care of the following things.
The ghusl method is to wash one's hands first and perform istanja 'and then if there is najasat somewhere on the body.  Wash it  Then perform ablution.
  Three things are obligatory in ghusl.
1.  To gargle
2. Runny nose
3. Pouring water all over the body
Sit down and take a bath. There is more veil in it  If the hair of the head is loose, then it is obligatory to soak all the hair and deliver water to the roots. Earrings, rings.  And if the rings are tight, shake them well so that the water reaches the holes.
 If the earrings are not worn, carefully pour water into the holes.
 If there is glue in the hair, wash it, because it is obligatory to water the roots of the hair, otherwise there will be no ghusl.
 If the flour gets dry after applying it on the nails etc., then clean it first, otherwise there will be no ghusl.
 If you have nail polish on your nails, clean it because it does not allow water to reach the body, otherwise there will be no ghusl.