How to apply to the University of Sydney

Welcome to the University of Sydney. Applying to study here as an internationalstudent or domestic graduate is easy through our online process. This video describes the documentation required,the form you'll submit, and the next steps before you hear back from us. If you're applying for an Undergraduate orPostgraduate Coursework degree, check your eligibility before applying. If you're applying for a Higher Degree byResearch course, the process is a little different. Please visit this URL for further info. For all our other courses, you'll need somedocumentation before you go any further. Make sure you have: Your Applicant ID and password, if you have them, and scanned copies of proof of identity and residency, such as these: Other documents you might need include the following: Next, it's time to submit your application. Once you've chosen a course, click the 'Applynow' button. Choose your commencing year and continue on.

If you've begun an application through theportal before, enter your Applicant ID and password. If you're a new applicant, enter your details,check them, and proceed. Please read the next instructions carefullyand keep these details in mind. After you continue, check that the informationon the Course Options page is correct. Then, fill out the personal information sectionin full. At any point you can save and return laterto complete your application. The next parts ask for details about scholarships you've received and qualifications you've achieved in the past. Confirm you've read the declaration and press 'Submit' to lodge your application. We'll email you to let you know we have receivedyour application - check your email inbox and junk mail. If you are successful, you will receive anoffer and enrolment details. We will also inform you if your applicationhas not been successful. In the meantime, check out our website for Information Sessions, accommodation advice, and tips on what to do while living in Sydney. To keep informed make sure you follow us on social media and come along to the many public events we run. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Hello everybody my name is Suman Dua and I'm a registered migration agent based in Brisbane Australia. In this video today we are going to talk about the benefits of regional study. As you all are aware that most of Australia is now regional except the three cities which are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. So if you have studied anywhere except these three cities you can enjoy the benefits of regional study. The first benefit is that you can claim five points for a regional study. So to be able to claim these five points you need to do 92 weeks of CRICOS registered study from a regional campus and you also need to be living in a regional area while you are studying in that campus. So it will be a great idea if you can keep records of your accomodation, utility bills and also bank statements. The second benefit is that you can enjoy a longer 485 visa or the temporary residence visa. So usually if you've done a higher education from university or college then in that case you are eligible for a post study visa of two years. But if you have studied in a regional area depending on your postcode you can get either one year extra or two years extra on your post study 485 visa.

 We have actually put a link to the postcode list which tells you about all the regional areas. So I'm just going to quickly show you on my computer how you can figure out if you can get one year extra or two years extra on your TR visa. Now to figure out if you are eligible for one year extra or two years extra on your 485 visa click on the link that we have put in the description this link actually brings you to all the regional post codes in Australia. So you can see that there are two categories there is category 2 which are cities and major regional centers and there is also category 3 which which are the regional centers and other regional areas so if you have studied in cities and major regional centres it shows you what postcodes are under those under that category and if you have studied in these postcodes you will get one year extra on your 485 visa. Now again be careful that this is all for the post study visa which means that if you have studied a bachelor's or a master's in these postcodes.

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Now if you have studied in regional centers and other regional areas and the postcodes in New South Wales are these ones. Then in that case you are eligible for two years extra on your temporary residence visa. Now you can look for these postcodes for all states through this link and for example for Northern Territory you can see that it doesn't matter where you have studied in Northern Territory. You will be eligible to get two years extra on your 485 visa so this link actually gives you an idea for how long you can get your 485 for. So the third benefit is depending on your occupation you might be eligible for a 189,  190 and 491 visa. If you are going to apply for a 491 regional provisional visa you can actually pick a occupation from any of the lists which is MLTSSL List STSOL list and also Regional Occupation list. Recently we did make a video about the benefits of the 491 regional provisional visa which is a pathway to permanent residency and we will put a link in the description. The next benefit is that you can be invited with as low as 50 points. So if you're somebody who cannot get high points in English so 491 visa is definitely the way to go all you need is 50 points and state gives you 15 points to make a total of 65. Another benefit is that you will have to meet very lenient requirements by the state for the 491 visa.

Usually for the 190 visas are the state requirements are a bit higher maybe a higher English or a higher work experience but for 491 visa the state requirements are very very lenient. So if you're somebody who does not have a work experience or a lower English you can benefit through the 491 visa. Now before you start looking into regional study options maybe it's a good idea to see if the occupation outcome of your current study is on the occupation demand list. What you can do is you can maybe get in touch with us so we can actually plan a permanent residency draft pathway for you while you're studying in Australia. Thank you for watching Sirus Migration we make new videos every week relating to Australian migration if you are interested in this topic you may want to subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking on the subscribe button down below you may also want to click on the bell icon to get notified whenever we upload new videos.