Such a beautiful way to calling Him Meray pyary Allah
 Such a beautiful way to calling Him Meray pyary Allah

 Such a beautiful way to calling Him Meray pyary Allah


Such a beautiful way to calling Him "Meray pyary Allah",Can we just go deep in this thought that talking to Allah this way , is so soothing? Like , you feel you 're being heard , you talk to Him in the most beautiful manner ,Meray Pyary Allah , clearly indicates that you're speaking about your problems in the most beautiful way.Close your eyes , for five minutes.And call Him by saying ,"Meray Pyrary Allah" , tell Him about your sadness , about your struggles, about your life shakes, about your sleepless nights, tell Him everything, Tell Him about the sins you do in dark , tell Him about your good deeds , call Him Meray Pyary Allah , before everything you tell Him.You 'll start crying yourself , you will pour your heart out , you 'll be in peace. Trust me , it will be the most soothing time of your day , your night.Do it once. I surely said  that you 'll feel so good and contended.You 'll feel as if a burden is thrown away from  your shoulders , you'll not feel the heaviness in your heart anymore.You know why ?? Because He is Allah . *He listens to our every cry.
Whenever you are in distress , talk to Him.
I am sure many of us are fond of writing diaries , notes or anything just to pour our heart out.Sone write them for other people , some for their own self.
Because we want to express what we feel.But leave this way.Beacuse ,I  swear nothing is more peaceful when you  write it to Allah.Lets start from this beautiful way.Think how beautiful  and soothing it would be if you write by thinking in your mood that you're going to make Allah read this.Allah is going to read every single world you write.Think how happy He would be from you when He will see His believer calling onto him in the most beautiful way .He is oft- forgiving , most merciful
Lets just change our ways of expression
Lets take our souls more towards our Pyary Allah.!
*Written by:Ambreen Fatima*