Human Rights in the light of Islam
Human Rights in the light of Islam

                  Human Rights in the light of Islam

Basic Human Rights

As a Muslim, we have two responsibilities One of them is the rights and duties of Allah and secondly the rights of human beings. Quran gives the testimony of that creator at multiple places. These are not a few words but several verses for every time and every era. For the fulfillment of rights of Allah and human beings, there are no rules better than these regulations. Quran declared the relationship or dealing with humans as Haqooq-ul-Ibad. Each person has certain duties and responsibilities of others, which are called Haqooq-ul-Ibad. Everyone needs to pay these rights. Keeping social relationships and to do good deeds to each other is worship. Allah said, “Verily, those who believe and do good deeds, for them are Gardens of Paradise.” On some occasions somewhere, faith is not separated from action, and action is not separated by faith. Parents, family, siblings, relatives, neighbors, sick, maid, slaves, friends, enemy, etc., the Quran has explained completely about the rights of these relationships. One of the most important relationships is parenting. In the Quran after monotheism, parental rights are first mentioned. This is that relationship which is the most gracious and the most benevolent. Even if a child continues to serve them his whole life, their rights cannot be repaid. The Quran clearly states the command “ If one or both of the parents reach the age of old in front of you, then do not confront them and do not disturb them and tell them something to say with respect. A companion asked the Prophet (PBUH) “Which work was most favorable to God?” He (PBUH) replied, “Praying on time, then good with parents, then strive in the way of Allah.” It is also rewarding to look at the parents with love. The meaning of a hadeeth is parental service and good manners make children deserving of Paradise and the one who does not treat the parents well will go straight to hell. Islam the only way of life that solves all their problems by assigning parental status to the top of their rights. Children are the most valuable assets of a parent’s life. Allah commands children to serve their parents at the same place some of the rights of the offspring are also attributed to the parent. One person submitted to He (PBUH) “to whom do I do well? “He (PUBH) replied, “Do these with your parents,” he said, “they died,” He (PBUH) said, “then do it with your children.” About children, He (PUBH) said, “the best among you is the one who educates his children.” It is also the responsibility of parents to educate their offspring along the fit line. Every Muslim must get an education. It’s saying of Allah that, “O, who believe! Protect yourself and your family from a fire whose fuel will be man and stone.” Save your family from fire means that trains your children on such moral and religious ground so that they can restrain from evils and be inclined to the good deeds.

Civil Rights 

It is the parent’s responsibility to train their children in a better way. Parents also need to maintain justice when doing anything or giving something. In Islam, the rights of boys and girls are the same. The father must take care of the children. Regarding daughters, Islam has strongly urged to pay their rights in particular. Hazrat Ans narrated that the Prophet (PBUH) rubbed the figures of both blessed hands with one another and said” He who has two daughters and supported them until they reach puberty, on the Day of Judgment, He and I will be like this. “One of the saints said, “The child is the precious trust of God for parents and the parents who are unaware of the duty of raising their children properly, are a betrayal of trust.” Allah has given man the privileged of a woman but in the Quran, Allah equals the rights of man and woman. Islam raised the status of women. It is the responsibility of the man to protect the woman. “Women are the pillars of the state, if they are good then the state is good too, if they are bad then it is worst.” Special emphasized is also given to the woman that they are housekeepers, protect your honor, and take care of your children.” Allah has commanded to act kindly with neighbors. Practicing good neighborliness is an integral part of Islamic ethics. He (PBUH) said, “He knows what a neighbor’s right is? If they ask for help, help them. If they ask a loan, give them a loan.” In the same way, He (PBUH) told many rights. By God, no one can fulfill the rights of the neighbor except those whom Allah has favored. May ALLAH help us to fulfill these rights.


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