There is a huge mosque in Damascus which is known beautiful
There is a huge mosque in Damascus which is known beautiful

There is a huge mosque in Damascus which is known beautiful

The result of leaving haraam

 Damascus writer Sheikh Ali Tantawi up

 The memo states

There is a huge mosque in Damascus which is known as the Mosque of Repentance The reason for naming this mosque Masjid Toba is that it used to be a center of obscenity and denial. In the seventh AH, a Muslim king bought it and built a mosque there. A student who was very poor, and famous for his self-esteem, was staying in a room in the same mosque.
Two days had passed that he had not eaten anything and he had nothing to eat and no money to buy food 

On the third day, with the intensity of hunger, he realized that he was about to die! I started thinking that now I am in a state of reflexes that it is permissible to steal according to the Shari'ah, even the dead and or even the need. That is why stealing was the best way.

 Sheikh Tantawi says:

 This is a true story and I know these people very well and I am aware of the details of this story - and I will only narrate the story, neither the order nor the decision. This mosque is located in an ancient neighborhood and all the houses there are built in the ancient style in such a way that the roofs of each other are intertwined and the whole neighborhood can be reached from the roofs.

 The young man went to the roof of the mosque and from there walked towards the houses of the mahalla. When he reached the first house, he saw that there were some women there, so he bowed his head and left.

 When I reached the next house, I saw that the house was empty but the smell of food was coming from this house.

 In the intensity of hunger, when the smell of food reached his mind, the iron attracted him like riba.  The house had a floor - a balcony from the roof and then jumped into the courtyard.

 Immediately reached the kitchen - I picked up the lid of the pan and there was stuffed eggplant curry in it.

 He picked up an eggplant and didn't even care about the heat of the curry.

 He bit the eggplant with his teeth and as soon as he wanted to swallow, his mind returned to its place and his faith was awakened.

 He said to himself:

 God's refuge

 I am a student

 Do I break into people's homes and steal 

 He was ashamed of his act, regretted and asked for forgiveness and then put the eggplant back in the pan.

 And as soon as he came, he returned in amazement. He entered the mosque and attended the Shaykh's teaching circle.

 However, he could not understand from the intensity of hunger what the Sheikh was teaching.

 When the Sheikh graduated and the people became divided

 A woman came there in full hijab 

 (In those days women did not exist without hijab)

 Talked to the Sheikh and the student could not understand the conversation between the two.

 The Sheikh looked around and found no one there except this student

 He called her and said: Are you married?

 The young man said: No

 Sheikh said: You do not want to get married?

 The young man remained silent. The Sheikh then said: Tell me, do you want to get married or not The young man replied: By God, I do not have money for a morsel of bread

 How do I get married?

 Sheikh said: This woman has come and told me that her husband has died and she is back in this city and she has no relatives in the world except a weak uncle She has brought it with her uncle and he is sitting in a corner of this mosque at the moment and this woman has inherited a house and property from her husband  Now she has come and wants to marry a man who is her husband and guardian according to sharee'ah - so that she is safe from loneliness and ugliness.

 Will you marry her

 The young man said: Yes

 And then he asked her: Do you accept him as your husband?

 He also responded positively

 The sheikh blocked the woman's uncle and two witnesses, read their contract, and paid the woman's dowry instead of the student's, and then said to the woman: Hold your husband's hand. She took his hand and led her husband towards her house. When she entered the house, she removed the veil from her face The young man was amazed at the beauty of his wife! And when he turned to this house, he saw that it was the same house he had entered The wife asked her husband to bring you something to eat?

 Said: Yes 

 He lifted the lid of the pan and looked at the eggplant and said: It is strange who came to the house and he has cut the eggplant with his teeth   The young man started crying and told him his story .

The wife said: This is the result of your trustworthiness and piety. Whoever forsakes a sin for the sake of Allah and adopts piety Allah gives him something better than that