The Last Sermon Of Hazrat Muhammad SAW in maidan e arafat
The Last Sermon Of Hazrat Muhammad SAW in maidan e arafat

The Last Sermon Of Hazrat Muhammad SAW in maidan e arafa 

Last sermon

 In Arafat Square, the Prophet delivered the last Hajj sermon on 9 Dhul-Hijjah, 10 AH [7 March 632 AD].  Let us repeat the main points of this sermon, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, let me convey these words to others 

 The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said

 Sermon on the mount

  O people!  Listen, I don't think I'll be with you next year.  Listen carefully to what I have to say, and pass it on to those who have not been able to get here
O people!  Just as this day, this month and this place are honorable.  In the same way, the lives, honor and wealth of other Muslims are sacred you cannot touch in 

 Return the people's property and trusts to them

  Do not harass anyone, do not harm anyone so that you too will be safe

   Remember, you have to meet Allah and Allah will ask you about your deeds

   Allah has abolished usury, so abolish all usury from today forgive 

 You have a right over women, and they have a right over you.  When they are fulfilling their rights, you fulfill all their responsibilities 
  Be gentle with women, because they are your partners and selfless servants

  Never go nearly  adultery. O people!  Listen to me carefully, worship only Allah, keep performing  5 obligatory prayers  keep  fast  of Ramadan, and keep paying  Zakat.  Perform  Hajj if you can 

Last sermon of Muhammad SAW

 Every Muslim is the brother of another Muslim.  You are all equal in the sight of Allah. Superiority is only due to piety 

Lesson of Last sermon

 Remember!  You will have to appear before Allah one day for accountability for your deeds Beware!  Don't go astray after me 
  Remember!  No prophet will come after me, nor will any new religion be brought.  Understand me well
  I am leaving 2 things for you the Qur'an and my Sunnah if you follow them, you will never go astray
.  Listen!  You who are present, convey this to the next people.  And then pass it on to the next generation.  And it is possible that the latter will understand [and act] better than the former.

 Then he raised his face towards the sky and said, O Allah!  Witness, I have conveyed your message to your people 

 Note : May Allah include us among those who  listen / read this message and become followers of it.  And may Allah grant us all the love and Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah and grant him with us in the Hereafter 
in Paradise, Amen